How to Recycle your Old Denim Jeans?


Denim is the most popular fabric among men. Denim fabric is particularly used to make Jeans for men as well as women. This fabric is well known for its sturdy texture and high durability.

China Denim Jeans is mostly worn by men who work outdoors because its fabric is harder and does not shred easily. But in this article we have something new for women, A few ideas that a women can use to recycle their own or their husbands old Denim. Continue reading

Denim Jeans Apparel and its latest styles and colors

fs1 (92)Manufacturing jeans is not an easy task to do; we can find products that are available in the market and we don’t even realize for just a second that how it is converted into a finished product. There are various brands and companies of denim jeans we see when we are even engaged in window shopping, the quality measures are highly valued and the finished product that is available in the market with affordable prices is an effort of those manufacturers to satisfy the customer and benefit him/her with different color, style, size etc, but it takes talented people to turn stylish a simple denim jeans into the highest required fashion items.

Besides everything denim fabric industry has been one of the biggest and most aggressive sectors of textile industries worldwide, and there are so many brands of denim jeans with so many styles, colors, sizes, textures and  so many more. But are they affordable and reasonable to everyone? Well, with China entering the global market of denim jeans, this is going to be a total different game now.

David Jones S/S 2013 Collection Launch - RunwayWith Chinese manufacturing industries of the denim apparel, the first obvious fact is that it is going to be lowest-priced quality maintained denim jeans that would be made available in the market whether for wholesalers, suppliers, retailers, and customers. China denim jeans are spread to all over the world now and they are also available via online stores and it can be delivered right to your home, and not only limited to that, what is out there according to the latest trend and fashion industry, China denim jeans are offered in so many different styles, colors, qualities, that it can easily exceed the limit of satisfaction of the customers.

The variety of china denim jeans are offered in colored denim jeans, printed denim, denim jeans with Delave-effect with dark wash and so many more.

China and the worldwide denim jeans.

7-for-all-mankind-jeansDenim jeans are unduly a fashionable product, and the use of denim jeans in all over the world is remarkable. We can’t even begin to imagine lives without denim jeans; it has become a need from a want! However the market of denim jeans is a competitive business in any part of the world.

Denim Jeans Manufacturers have kept entering the fashion market gradually from time to time. On the other hand if we speak of the ultimate market domination of any product we can possibly come up with a name China! Low cost, high productivity, numerous quality bands, well not an easy task to compete actually. Continue reading

Barbell Denim Jeans, AND denim jeans which is highly flexible


Jeans is no doubt a fashion need and a very stylish clothing and it varies with different sort of products and quality bands, yet there are some people who are not satisfied with even widely available products of Denim jeans, which does not meet their criteria, not even a single brand.

A group of athletes from Nevada are seen that they have been finding jeans that would fit them perfectly, but they are sadly unable to find any, the problem is that because of the muscular legs, they were unable to utilize any denim jeans which would not force them to buy a larger size with their small waist for which they work so hard for all day long!


These frustrated weight lifters, snowboarders etc have finally decided to start a company of their own! To produce the denim jeans this would perfectly fit their requirement. They have claimed that the jeans they are going to produce and launch in the market would be highly flexible and freedom of movement would be allowed when these jeans would be worn. After months of testing they have finally come up with a cut that would satisfy their requirements with comfortably and flexibility.

Evolution of Denim and the opportunities for clothing business

Denim industries have flourished from old classic 70’s and 80’s to the present era we stand today, denim jeans from just simple clothing to stylish, trendy, iconic clothing have traveled and achieved the acknowledgement of the people regardless of gender, age from their wants turning into needs.

70s-denimDenim jeans manufacturers have struggled to come up with newest styles, innovation and creativity to satisfy the people of the world, besides it has also with period of time encouraged entrepreneurs, and has also served the world with employment and new ways of establishing businesses through franchising, branding, import and export etc.


Denim at first was only famous for its blue color and toughness of the fabric that made it to wear almost anywhere and the durability of the denim clothing was long-lasting, but with the passage of time, new fashion trends and new innovations and techniques denim apparels categorized into various types, denim skirts, caps, handbags, and so many more, but not only limited to be categorized into limitless product lines, denim jeans itself have been seen in various styles, and innovations that became fashion and ultimate need of people in clothing.

The potential of more success and fortune of denim jeans, It can be estimated with a fashion survey conducted in USA which resulted that an average American have 7 to 8 pairs of jeans and may be even more but not less, and above 80% of women with the demographics of 16 – 55 of age rely on denim jeans as their favorite garment, and as per business and entrepreneurs aspect concerned, more than 84% of fashion designers and potential customers who prefer denim jeans as their favorite.

We know that denim jeans have a lot more to offer, but what we have today is not limited, denim jeans have progressed, and different types are widely seen in the market, first there were stone-wash denim jeans, and now there are colored denim jeans, printed denim jeans, with even more styles and fabric combinations, more comfortable, relaxing, and stylish.

Manufacturers from all over the world are engaged in producing denim apparel and they are engaged in import and export business too, wholesalers, suppliers, brand outlets, everyone has been entertained with denim jeans products and satisfying the people with quality and style, however the competition has been reached to a different level and the quality of denim apparel has been seen in various bands, along with the quality you have to maintain the prices of the products to stay in the market and survive, market positioning and brand image of huge denim jeans brands such as Levi’s, Wrangler dominate the market with their premium quality products. But cost-effective production and high-quality of denim apparel has been widely spread to the market by China which is giving a tough time to huge brands but on the other hand it has opened a new gateway for suppliers, distributors and wholesalers of denim jeans.

China Denim jeans industry and its potential growth across the globe


China has shown its growth and expansion in denim industry and achieved outstanding success too; China is known to have low wages and productivity, but the cause of its success rest in its highly qualified and trained professionals. The demand of the Chinese denim is not only worldwide but it also keeps rising within china itself.

The export scale of the china denim jeans is likely to be considered a massive threat and competition to other denim jeans industries, in the year 2005 reports explore that China started to increase its exports to 17.60% of cotton denim fabric. The shipments also kept rising and achieved a level of a significant success. Continue reading